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Generalized Land Use 

Source: LADCP

Produced by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, the Generalized Land Use map show the baseline zoning for the city of Los Angeles, coded by color.  The baseline, described in the Land Use and Zoning legend (LADCP) does not include overlays, variances, conditional use zones, and conditional uses allowed though other quazi-judicial decisions.

Coming to terms with the vast inventory of baseline zone distinctions and allowable uses per baseline zone can be an overwhelming task.  Understanding the equally vast system of General Code Amendments, quasi-judicial measures, variances, overlays,  and conditional uses and the processes and procedures   associated with such exceptions is  perhaps even more challenging.



Source Map



Use List 1.


Use List 2. 


Fig. 1: Generalized Land Use Map, Los Angeles. 

Fig. 2: Generalized Land Use, DTLA

Fig. 4: Anatomy of a Zones (

Fig. 3: Zone Spectrum (

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