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Community Plan Areas 

Source: LA Times Neighborhoods 

Established in 1984 on the heels of the Centers Concept, 35 Community Plans comprise the Land Use Element of the General Plan of the City of Los Angeles, one of seven state-mandated plan Elements including Noise, Safety, Transportation, Open Space, Conservation and Circulation. The Community Plans are the primary documents guiding growth and development in the city. They are intended to reflect communities’ interests and designate land appropriately for a range of necessary uses including housing, jobs, transportation and public amenities. The plans inform what types of development will be permitted and at what density, they also guide infrastructure development needed to accommodate planned growth. The plans are often used in appeal by developers and property owners seeking exemption from existing citywide regulations. Numerous complaints have arisen concerning the overall structuring of the Community Plans including lack up policy updating and differential standards, for example, stark differences may be read between the two Generalized Land Use Maps (left) for the Community Plan Areas of Bel Air and Southeast Los Angeles. 


Source Map


Interactive Map of Community Plan Areas


Fig. 1: Community Plan Area Boundaries, Los Angeles. 

Fig. 2: Generalized Land Use Map, Bel Air.

Fig. 5: Land Use Legend,  Bel Air.

Fig. 4: Land Use Legend, Southeast Los Angeles..

Fig. 3: Generalized Land Use, Southeast Los Angeles.

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