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Racial Dot Map 

Source: Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, U of VA

Produced by the Dustin Cable at the University of Virgina's Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, the Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire United States, is based on 2010 Census data.  The map displays one dot per person color coded by racial demographics with five categorical distinctions: White (blue), Black (green), Asian (red), Hispanic (orange), and Other Race/Native American/Multi-racial (brown).  While the same information may be obtained via PLAN for a Healthy LA's Health Atlas, the Racial Dot Map provides a literal indexical format.  Like the Health Atlas, the Racial Dot Map describes a highly racially stratified Los Angeles, other maps in this collection illustrate pollution burdens, oil well densities, poverty indexes, and energy related public incentives dividing along similar geographic boundaries.  



Source Map


 Fig. 2: West Los Angeles, Sepulveda and Pico.



Fig. 3: South Los Angeles, Commerce, East Compton, Signal Hill, Long Beach

Fig. 4: Legend

 Fig. 1: Racial Dot Map, Los Angeles. 



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