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California Building Climate Zones, Los Anglesl 

Source: California Energy Comission

Produced the California Energy Commission to aid in the calculation of climate sensitive building energy efficiency standards set by title 24. "The Energy Commission established 16 climate zones that represent a geographic area for which an energy budget is established. These energy budgets are the basis for the standards...." "[An] energy budget is the maximum amount of energy that a building, or portion of a building [...] can be designed to consume per year." The California Building Climate Zone Areas Map has produced geographic climactic divisions based not on vernacular distinctions such as 'desert' and 'alpine' but rather a variety of factors such as energy use and weather patterns. There are four such zones represented in the city of Los Angeles.  



Source Map


Fig. 1: 2015 California Building Climate Zones, Los Angeles.   

Fig. 2: 2015 California Building Climate Zones, Greater Los Angeles.   

Fig. 3: 2015 California Building Climate Zones.

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