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Source: Los Angeles Health Atlas 

Produced by the LADCP the LA Health Atlas maps are part of the new Health and Wellness Element of the city's General Plan and provide info-graphic GIS data on a range of wellness parameters including social demographics, economic conditions, education, health, land use, transportation, food systems, crime, and housing. In many cases the maps reveal stark stratification in the availability of vital civic services and health burdens along socio-economic and racial divisions.  

Source Map


Fig. 1: Percentage White Population Alone, Los Angeles. 

Fig. 2: Percentage African American Population Alone, Los Angeles. 

Fig. 3: Percentage Latino Population, Los Angeles. 

Fig. 4: Percentage of Commuters Driving Alone to Work, Los Angeles. 

Fig. 5: Legends for Fig. 1-4 (above)

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