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LA County Energy Atlas 

Source: California Center for Sustainable Communities

Produced by the California Center for Sustainable Communities (Luskin, UCLA), under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Pincetl, the LA Energy Atlas is a first of its kind planning and research tool.  "The LA Energy Atlas provides Californians the opportunity to interact with the largest set of disaggregated energy data in the nation."  Due to issues of privacy energy data does not scale below the neighborhood level, none-the-less this interactive tool provides numerous GIS filters and useful info-graphic data to help users better understand how building energy is consumed throughout LA County. Raw GIS data is also available for download. Understanding building energy consumption is a vital step toward intelligently legislating consumption and production standards. 



Source Map


Fig. 1: Residential Energy Consumption by Neighborhood.   

Fig. 3: Legend   

Fig. 2: Area Zoom, West Los Angeles   

Fig. 5: Top and bottom 10 Consuming LA County Cities per Capita.    

Fig. 4: (from right) Energy Consumption by Building Type, Residential Square Footage by Type, Energy Consumption by Income Group.   

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