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DOGGR (Division of Gas and Geothermal Resources) Well Finder
LA Times Neighborhoods 
Los Angeles City Data Portal
Los Angeles County Data Portal  
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Los Angeles County Solar Atlas (UCLA, Luskin)
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United States Racial Dot Map* 

*Produced with data from 2010 US Census


Alison Brown
Founder, Flux Energy 


Dana Cuff
Founder, cityLAB (UCLA); Director Urban Humanities Initiative (UCLA) Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Design (UCLA)


Eui-sing Yi/Thom Mayne 
Prinipal/Founder, Morphosis;Director/Founding Executive Direcotr, The Now Institute 


Jane Blumenfeld 
Senior Fellow, cityLAB; Former Deputy Director of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning 


Michael Kadish
Director/CEO, Grid Alternative Los Angeles


Nancy Sutley
Chief Sustainability & Economic Development Advisor, LADWP 


Dr. Stephanie Pincetl
Founding Director, California Center for Sustainable Communities, UCLA, Energy Atlas


Eric Lopez & Yi Lu 
City Planners, RE:CODE/LA Code Studies 


Walker Wells 
Vice President of Programs and Director of the Green Urbanism Program, Global Green; Member, Green Building Code Advisory Committee; Lecturer, Department of City Planning, UCLA. 

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